mocha scones.

Scone-baking is quite possibly one of my most enjoyable cooking experiences. Scrolling through Pinterest this past week, I came across an absolutely delightful-looking scone recipe. These mocha scones are infused with strong, freshly brewed coffee and semi sweet chocolate chips, topped with a mocha glaze. Find the recipe for these scrumptious treats at My Baking Addiction.



you can rock the midi dress.

One of the top trends this 2014 year is the midi dress. This style has always intimidated me, simply because I've been fooled by the calf-grazing length. However, I believe that with the right accessories, anyone can rock the midi.

This midi dress is perfectly simple. If you don't typically wear midi-length clothing, a dress like this would be the perfect place to start. Elegant, flattering, and versatile.

A tweed coat gives this simple dress a bit of a coarser feel.

How could you go wrong with this stylish clutch?

With this heel, the look is complete. A heel is essential with midi lengths due to the way they can make your legs appear shorter.

Don't be fooled by its seemingly awkward length - this silhouette has foxy written all over it!
Are you ready to rock the midi dress?



monday moodboard {no. 6}

Good morning, and happy Monday! I can't believe this weekend has already come and gone. Hope you all have had a wonderful one.
It feels oh-so-good to be back into the routine of C+C's {monday moodboards}!

I've decided to do my moodboards a bit differently. Instead of compiling a mumbo-jumbo of images (as I've done in the past), I've decided to pick a select number of "inspiration highlights" from my week. From beauty, to fashion, to scenery, to graphics, to - well, anything! My hope for the {monday moodboard} feature is that you can gain a bit of a creative boost by stopping by.

So...on to today's board.
AN ELEGANT UPDO | Recently, I've been inspired to attempt some simple updos, and this particular one has me swooning.

A PERFECT BAG | Absolutely obsessed with this Anthro weekender.

A LOVELY FLORAL | Who doesn't love baby's breath?

A SPLASH OF COLOR | This modern art piece is absolute perfection. Oh, how I would love for it to be hanging in my own space this very second!

A WINTER WONDERLAND | I thought this photo perfectly captured the hectic hustle + bustle of this bitter cold winter season.

All photos via my Pinterest boards. You should totally follow me.

Are you feeling inspired?



long time, no see.

 photo longtimenosee_zps1d8a1b48.jpg

Well hello, my dears! It has been far too long since I've even touched my blog. I'm truly sorry for my unexcused absence...I have no other reason for my disappearance other than the simple fact that life has just been crazy. We all have those seasons. 
BUT - good news. I'm back, and I'm back for good! Hallelujah!

Above are some snippets from what I've been up to lately (and some links below!).

WRAPPED | Gift-wrapping galore...the past holiday season had me buried in paper and ribbon.
CHILLED | Sledding with friends - my absolute favorite winter activity!
GIFTED | One of my favorite Christmas presents - my new Rifle Paper Co. notebook.
PAINTED | This project was inspired by Hillsong's "Oceans," one of my favorites.
CAFFEINATED | Coffee dates, of course! Where would I be without chat time over a good cup of jo?
INSPIRED | I've been working up a few new songs lately. The inspiration has kept me glued to the keys!

Now that we're all caught up...
What you can be expecting on C+C:
more fashion
more links
more recipes
more inspiration

So, with a happy heart, I welcome you back to CoverGirl + Converse!

All photos via my Instagram feed. Feel free to follow along!

Comment below what you'd like to see on the blog soon! Or just comment and tell me hello. I miss "hearing" your beautiful voices!