monday moodboard {no. 8}

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. 
This week's board:

A MINIMALIST NAIL | How perfect is this nail design for the chilly winter season?

TWO CLASSY GENTS | Well-dressed men are the best men. End of story.

A BRAIDED 'DO | I'm loving this elaborate braided crown! The perfect updo to add some flair to your winter look.

A BEAUTY WORKSPACE | This array of cosmetics and florals is just pretty.

A TULLE TOUCH | I adore tulle! The material is a close friend of a dancer like myself, and I love the concept of bringing it into my everyday wardrobe.

Hoping this Monday finds you bright, happy, and inspired!



image via

Pinstripe pants are a favorite of businessmen, baseball teams, and other power players. Recently, this straight-and-narrow pattern has become a staple in the fashion world too. Not only will you feel like a winner, but you will also look long and lean in this vertical pattern.

Below is how I would style a pair of pinstripe pants.
This billowing, white H&M blouse gives this masculine pattern a nice feminine touch.

Add some navy accessories, like this Merona crossbody and Maurices statement necklace.

Tuck your pants into these Michael Kors boots, and your look will be complete.

I can't wait to purchase my first pair of pinstripes! They're so much fun to style. And who wouldn't want to add a few inches to their look?



make today healthy.

One of my many New Year's resolutions was to get healthy (duh, who's isn't?). So, I decided to start a healthy eating plan with a friend. And trust me, everything is so much easier with a friend! So far, it's been a pretty manageable routine, and I've been loving the healthy life. 

Today's post includes three recipes for each meal of the day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So today, try them out! Make today a healthy one (and a yummy one!).

BREAKFAST | For breakfast, try a yummy granola recipe. Granola is great because it's light, easy, and nutritious. Find the recipe for this pumpkin spice peanut butter + chocolate chip granola at Avery Cooks. Pair this with some soy or almond milk and you'll have the tastiest breakfast ever.

LUNCH | For your midday meal, try this delightful French sandwich. Thinly sliced ham (or turkey, for the healthier option), parmesan, and tomato on a warm, toasted French baguette. For the full how-tos for this jambon buerre sandwich, check out Chez Us.

DINNER | To finish off the day, put these warm, delectable grilled chicken tacos in your tummy. Touches of avocado, onion, cilantro, and lime make these tacos a delightful meal. For the recipe, check out Bon Appetit.

Yum, yum! Sounds like a delicious day to me. I'm going to personally try these recipes for today, and I'd love for you to join me! And you can eat these three delicious meals knowing that they're the better option over your typical processed, fried, or fast food options.

I will say that my stomach was grumbling and mouth was watering while writing this post.
Are you willing to try these recipes?



monday moodboard {no. 7}

Happy Monday!

This week's moodboard is featuring all things bright and happy.

A GLITTER EYE | Lately I've been obsessed with winged liner, and I think this glitter touch gives it the perfect elegant flair.

A SWEET TREAT | Sometimes, you just need to eat a donut. Especially a cute one like these. An adorable little treat adds a sweet touch to your day.

A PRETTY PACKAGE | I'm a sucker for pretty packaging - I could wrap, cut, tie, and doodle all day. I'm loving these little heart packages! {and how perfect would these be for a little V-Day gift giving?}

A CITY SCAPE | New York, how I love thee. Its picturesque landscapes and bustling streets make me swoon. I love this particular view.

A LOVELY CITRUS | This bright photograph of my favorite citrus is so well-done.

Have a lovely Monday, my dears!