fashion resolutions.

Honestly, I haven't really made hardly any New Year's resolutions this year, other than the overall decision to aim for better-ness in every aspect of my life. Lately though, I've been thinking about some fashion resolutions. I've never really thought about resolutions in this aspect of my life, and I think it would be a great, fun way to improve my fashion habits of 2013! So I'm going for it. Whether it's spending less or buying locally more, I believe that making fashion resolutions is a habit we should all get into. Take a look at some of mine {and actually READ them! they might help you too!}. These are in a list from least important to most, in my book.

fashion resolutions

#1 - The practice of buying from small, local businesses is a great way to discover a unique aspect of your style that can't be found at popular consumers, and also a great way to support your community. This year I'm determined to seek out some talented designers in my area and see what they have to offer. I'm also all about shopping at fun, local boutiques here in Louisville! We've got plenty to spare.

#2 - My closet is insane. I've got so many clothes that I rarely/never wear, and I think a wardrobe renovation should be near the top of my to-do list. Here's a great excerpt of an article I was reading the other day: "No matter how many clothes you have, if you’re wardrobe isn’t functional, then getting dressed will often prove tiresome. Go through your wardrobe and look at the pieces on high rotation. Then workshop the rest of your wardrobe around these pieces."

#3 - Spending wisely isn’t about fully tightening the purse strings. It’s more about looking at where my money will go. Instead of investing in cheap, average quality pieces, why not think of buying a slightly more expensive, quality item? Those pieces will last longer and look better in the long run. I'm gonna try this new perspective for sure!

#4 - I have a major weakness of being really comfortable with what I know and have tried before, and never extending beyond those boundaries. This especially applies to fashion!  This year, I plan on trying a trend I would normally refuse, but to work it into my own personal style so I'm still comfortable with what I wear. This will be a tough (but fun) one!

#5 - "Shopping regularly" simply means being smart with how and when I shop. I know I've definitely fallen into the trap of frantically buying an ‘occasion’ outfit at the last minute. More often than not, this only gets worn once and is duly forgotten. If you take the time to shop, your wardrobe will be more thoughtfully edited and you’ll always want to wear what’s in it.

#6 - This is my most important goal. Concluding with a quote: "The most important thing with fashion, in my opinion, is to have fun. The minute you start taking it too seriously is when your own personal style takes a hit. Don’t be afraid to take risks, and if you make a fashion faux pas, at least you can always learn from it!"

Making fashion resolutions is just one way to define your New Year’s look and to take stock of your current wardrobe. A well thought out wardrobe is the key to always having something to wear. 

Do you have any style resolutions for the New Year?



  1. great post&blog :) following back :)
    happy new year! best wishes!
    kisses :* :)

  2. I'm going to try to wear less stripes ( I wear them too much!) and then save as much $$$ as I can.

  3. I love these! I really need to adopt #2. My closet needs a serious overhaul. Since my taste has changed so much over the last year and I fine I have a lot of pieces I try on and don't love anymore. Thanks for sharing.


  4. You have some great fashion resolutions! I think having fun is a good one! And with that comes trying new things which is so much fun! Happy New Year to you!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  5. Mmm...love me some Inslee. And I love your resolutions!



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