the princess' best.

Oh, Kate. She is just about the most poised, classy women alive, and everybody knows it. I admire her so much, and in honor of her 31st birthday on January 9th, I decided to dedicate a little post to her. 
Kate Middleton is a style icon for women all around the world, and I thought I'd gather a few of my favorites that she has sported in 2012 and share them with you all. Take a look!

Don't you just love these? Ahh, she just makes me so happy. How could you not love her? Her classy, elegant style and sweet personality would put a smile on anyone's face.

Happy Birthday, pretty princess!

all images via ELLE magazine


  1. Her wedding dress was just perfection. Pure perfection.

  2. Classy lady, indeed. I just love everything about her and William. It really is like watching a Disney movie in real life. They're just perfect. Great tribute. :)



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