kate obsessed.

I've always been a Kate Spade fan, but lately I've been getting really obsessed. They've announced loads and loads of new arrivals, and I'm getting so excited! To express my excitement, I've put together a little collage of my favorites - whether new releases or the classics! Take a look:

Kate Spade - The Classics

The above items are all ones that have been my favorites since they've hit the stores, I simply adore them. From the fun, poppy arm candy, watch, and handbag to the simple, subtle flats and bag. It doesn't get any better than classic Kate!

Kate Spade - New Releases

I'm obsessing over these new releases. I just love the color scheme of bold sea tones and simple patterns. The bottom right bag features their "pattern-of-the-month" - deco. So fun!

What are some of your Kate Spade favs?



  1. I love Kate Spade sooo much! That watch is so pretty and the pouch is adorable too! Everything is always so fun!

  2. love the scarf! all her stuff is amazing!

  3. So i might just have to add that scarf and watch to my closet!

  4. Love this post Taylor!!! All of the Kate Spade products are so pretty!!

    Peonies + Ballet Flats

  5. I am a new kate spade fan. i recently purchased my first necklace & purse from her & i am now obsessed!!! your blog is beautiful.

    new follower :)


  6. AH! Love it, Tay! This post makes me smile, and your new blog design is fantastic.


  7. Great stuff! Perfect ideas for gift shopping I still have to do. ;)

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    Keep up the good work and keep smiling at whatever life throws at you!

  8. I NEED that watch! Taylor, I'm 14. I have no money! Why do you always have to post pictures of stuff I want?


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